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    Survivor Mercs, is a roguelite action game that blends the bullet-heaven and extraction looter genre for a challenging single-player experience enhanced by a first of its kind social element through its Twitch Integration

  • <b id="oneslide">Transforming Ideas into Reality</b>

    We are a technology-based company focused on investments in the gaming, digital entertainment, and technology spaces. We aim to utilize technology to improve the gaming experience of our players.

  • <em>Global Presence</em><b> Over 216 Countries and $10 Billion Franchises</b>

    Our global reach puts Snail Games USA in an optimal position to serve the international market across various industries through a cross-functioning global presence. This is proven through our award-winning publications and releases met with critical success.

  • <em>Creativity</em><b>IPs Galore, and More.</b>

    We invest in the greatest and brightest team we can possibly assemble, and the proof is in our growing collecting of IP’s. Our new developments in IP continue to grow and accelerate as our multi-platform publishing sector is positioned for explosive growth.

  • <em>Future Technology</em><b>Investing in the Technology of Tomorrow, Today.</b>

    We don’t simply focus on one genre or game type. Our focus spans a wide range of media, from streaming, film, television, to consumer products. Our goal is to uncover industries within technology before they become mainstream.

Investment Highlight

Our investment portfolio is highlighted by 50 million units sold, a $10 Billion global franchise, and a fanbase that spans over 216 countries. Our investments are focused on development, publishing, and technology with an accelerated focus on new IP developments.

Exponential Growth is on the Horizon.

The future of technology is on the horizon and we’re here to serve as the pioneers to navigate and capitalize on this market growth.


Potential market size of global video gamers.


Game live streaming audience by 2024.


Projected global ESports market size from 2021-2026.


Generated by games market by the end of 2023.

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